Dos and Don’ts of Switching Careers
Jan 12, 2019
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There can be many reasons why one suddenly feels a need for change in the job scene. There might be stagnation in your job, you might not be on good terms with your boss, the pay might not seem attractive enough, or there might be some entirely new line of work that suddenly appeals to you in terms of challenge and growth potential.

A hasty decision is not warranted however.  Research of market trends, remunerations, profile of the company you are applying for, all need to be considered before taking the final call.

Do not’s

  • Do not leave the current job without a job in hand. This is the most significant aspect to be kept in mind.  One must never quit unless there is a fall-back job option.  Otherwise, before you know, the months add up as do the bills and potential employers want to know the cause behind this long break.
  • Do not expect everything to be better all of a sudden. Remember that however promising the new job sounds, it will have its cons that will become apparent over time.  Be prepared for disappointments and unmet expectations here as well.
  • Do not make money the driving factor. The remuneration ought not to be the driving factor when making a switch.  The kind of role, the location, the feedback, and the scope for growth should be deciding factors.
  • Do not ignore the fine print. Make sure to discuss in detail the job description at the discussion stage and find out the job profile, how much you need to travel, terms and conditions etc. before making the final decision.


  • Do research and then more research. You can never do enough research about a new company that you plan to join. Read up all about it and interact with real people until you know what you are opting for.
  • Do networking. This cannot be stressed upon enough.  Networking gets you information that might not always be in the domain of public knowledge.
  • Do try and add to your resume. Do some course that will enhance your resume, making it more attractive.
  • Do follow your instinct. Interview and interaction will give you vibes. Follow your instincts before making the final move.

It is advisable to plan your career switch wisely and well, keeping in mind all pros and cons.  That way there will be no surprises waiting for you and the switch will be for the better.