Find Your Fit amongst the Three basic Career Paths
Jan 12, 2019
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Out of millions of jobs that are out there, it all essentially boils down to three basic paths. Every individual finds meaning from one of them.

The Basic Trio

Consciously or otherwise, each one of us ultimately chooses the path that defines who we are, and at what level we wish to leave an impact.  Individual, organizational or social, these are the three basic choices. These exist in every profession and it is the inclination of the individual that finally leads him to his choice of career.


There are some people who are motivated by the impact they can create upon individuals who will eventually go on to affect society in a positive manner.  A teacher who is committed to his craft for example, influences students in a manner that helps produce individuals who are socially aware and who will ultimately become tools to bring about change.  The ability to hear out people, to empathise, all of these results from the effort of some individual who feels it is his calling to contribute at an individual level to society.


This job is for people who wish to reach out to vast numbers at a go and propel them to professional competence.  They thrive in the background of a large organization and are at their best when participating in group activities. The constant interaction and feedback, positive or negative, raises their confidence to an altogether new level.  People with leadership skills and the vision to carry large numbers of people with them do very well in this context.  Their success is a reflection not only of their own abilities but the manner in which the team responds to them.


People who are moved by the conditions in society or nature and wish to work in a manner that will help in alleviating these situations are answering a call from deep within. Their sole focus is on bringing about change at the policy level so that there are newer or better laws to address these problems. With new issues cropping up every day this is a career path that is never short of choices.  The work is fulfilling and motivating at a different level altogether. There is no right or wrong in one’s ultimate choice of career.  Each in its own way is rewarding.  The main goal is to find your calling and choose your path accordingly. The rest will follow.