How to Ace a Post-Interview Thank You Mail
Jan 12, 2019
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You have prepared your best for your interview in every way possible.  You have gone over the subject, you have carried all required documentation, and you are turned out professionally for your big day, and have sailed through smoothly. Now all you need to do is waiting for a decision. Right? WRONG! In your quest to get everything perfect, you have overlooked sending a thank you e-mail.  This is not only essential but also good etiquette. 

How does one write a thank you mail after an interview?

One should include vital points in the mail like:

  • Keep it personal, mentioning specific areas of interest and points you liked about that particular interviewer.
  • Reiterate your interest in the job.
  • Sell yourself as to the value and uniqueness you propose to bring to the position.
  • Express gratitude at being offered the interview.
  • You need to ensure than your email is short and precise.
  • Add a line about expecting to hear back from them.
  • Any pertinent point that you might have missed might be added as a short rejoinder.

Points to remember

  • Thank you mail is a MUST. Once you get your head around this one, it is easy to move ahead and actually do it. It is one of the most important items in the interview ‘to do’ list so make sure you include this point in the list.
  • Email vs. handwritten. While some companies still prefer handwritten ones, most have moved to online and prefer this mode of email ‘thanks’.
  • Subject line.Mention the name of the interviewer with thanks in the subject line.
  • Send one to every member on the panel. Not only should your thank you note go out to the person who initiated the interview, but to every single one who was present on the panel.  This is what etiquette demands.
  • Make the content personal. Each person on the panel must have brought up some particular point or topic that struck you, related to the job at hand or generally. Make sure to mention such things so that each e-mail has a personal touch to it, rather than being a copy and paste version for everyone.
  • Send it within 24 hours of interview. Yes, deadline is important in this case! The thank you mail ought to be send within 24 hours of the interview to express one’s thankfulness.

Following these guidelines will make sure your interview process is complete in its entirety.