Picking a Career You Like: Some Smart Tips
Jan 12, 2019
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At the crossroads of life where you have to decide upon a career, the choices are many and it is not easy to zero in on THE career of your liking at once. There are many factors playing in mind at this juncture. You need to balance between what you have studied for, how you see yourself in the future, what is the call within, and how much effort you are willing to put in towards your chosen path.  All these play a role in how successful you are in future.

  1. Follow your heart. Remember how you absolutely LOVED doing something as a kid.  This might be in total divergence to what you studied for, but that really does not matter. Once your heart is set into something; that will become your driving force and motivator.  You will thrive at this career choice because it is what you have always wanted.
  2. Sky is the limit. Remind yourself that nothing really is out of bounds when you are ready to put in the effort. While looking out for jobs on portals or through other sources, do not consider certain jobs as ‘too difficult’ or ‘too challenging’ for you. Make that as your challenge.
  3. Move aside the money part, for now.  Do not decide upon jobs based only on the financial aspect and how much it pays. If you land a job that answers your heart, you are one lucky soul. There might be compromises to make in the initial period where not everything might be to your liking. Treat these as ‘life lessons’ and rest assured that the bucks will come in once you are settled and have made your mark.
  4. Peer advice. Seek out your closest friends to get new perspectives into yourself.  Many a times it happens that in the rush to land a job one often overlooks something that he used to love doing in the first place.  At times, other pressing considerations come into play, blurring the vision.  People tend to prioritize wrongly at such junctures.  Talking to close friends can be an eye-opener and one might very easily end up looking at oneself in a different light.

Remember that the path towards picking a career you love will not be smooth. Get your thoughts sorted and go ahead with confidence once you have made a decision. Put your best foot forward and you will come up tops.